Daily Bread - September 13, 2019 (The Sixth Day - Genesis 1:24-31)
Written by Pastor Mark Spitsbergen
Friday, 13 September 2019 06:19
1 John 4:9 - This is how the love of God was revealed in us: because the
only begotten Son of God was sent into the world that we may live through

Part 1 ~ Christ Jesus' Love In Us

The proof of being alive in Christ Jesus is His love manifested through us.
The phrase 'en hemin' (ἐν ἡμiν/"in us") occurs two more times in this
chapter: "His love in us is perfected" (4:12), and "the love that God has
in us" (4:16). Certainly, this could be translated as "to us," and that is
true, but a more appropriate phrase would have been 'eis hemin' (εἰς ἡμiν)
if that was the intended meaning. The love of God is manifested by both the
incarnation and the indwelling of Jesus, which is facilitated by the
translation "in us." After all, this is in keeping with "the Spirit that is
in us," "the greater One that is in us," and "God Who dwells in us," which
is the theme of this chapter.
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