Prayer Meetings

Prayer starts at 5:00 pm before our Sunday evening worship service, and at 6:00 pm before our Wednesday evening service.

Service Times

Our Sunday Morning Worship service begins at 10:30 am.

Prayer starts at 5:00 pm before our Sunday Evening Worship service which begins at 6:00 pm.

Prayer starts at 6:00 pm before our Wednesday Evening Worship which begins at 7:00 pm.

Prayer Request

Please would you pray for this urgent matter in Ukraine
We have been attempting to buy the ground floor of a building in Odessa, which for four years we’ve been renting and using as the Homeless Orphans Center.  We’ve done many renovations to this facility to make it habitable for these needy young people. This place has been a blessing and refuge for so many needy youngsters most of whom have come to the Lord and are serving Him with a passion.
The Odessa City Council has been standing in the way of us buying this place. They have hesitated to come to an agreement about a price which once stood at about $80,000 USD. They always said that after the “next election” the future city council would be better able to make a decision about selling the place to the charity we set up there. Two elections have come and gone with no decision being made by City Council.
Now the present mayor of Odessa has finally sent papers asking my Ukrainian trustees to come and see him to discuss the matter. Please pray that this visit (which could be this week or next) will be favorable and enable us to buy the place. Then we can fully renovate our own asset knowing that the investment will not be wasted if we lose the facility. When I visit there in April this year I trust that all this will be behind us and that the centre will be the asset of our Ukrainian charity.
In addition to this, our Ukrainian charity was given money towards buying this centre. We had it in a Ukraine bank account that wasn’t earning very much interest. So the charity bought an apartment in Odessa in a good area, to use for the counseling and accommodation of needy youngsters. Now is the time to sell this apartment and get the money released with profit, to buy the Homeless Orphans Centre. Please pray with us for a favorable sale of this apartment and that we’ll have all the funds to buy the center.
Thank you for your faithful prayers.
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We trust it’s a blessing to you.

Editor's Note

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