b4ti-pastorUPDATE  Today in Asia, one of the largest armies of missionaries and evangelists ever seen is being mobilized to reach the greatest harvest of all time. The unreached people groups of Asia and the Middle East are about to see an explosion of the power of God as this army is equipped to go with the gospel of the kingdom (Matthew 24:14).

We have been privileged to participate with this move of God in a unique and unprecedented way. Starting in 2015, the first group of orphan graduates will arrive at our Mission Training Center (MTC). These young men and women are people who have "aged out" of our partner orphanages in China, Nepal and Burma, and are dedicated to live out their lives to spread the gospel. These students will come to the MTC to be trained in biblical and agricultural disciplines, including such things as animal husbandry and aquaponics, to better equip them for the road that lies ahead.

During their time at the MTC, they will be prepared to go back into any number of countries in the 10/40 window as a valuable resource, able to provide food, skill, and both practical and biblical knowledge to needy communities. Their skills will make them valuable assets to their communities and governments, and provide open doors into previously locked nations and people groups.

There is no limit to the impact we can have on this region. Please consider partnering with us in this vision for the MTC and sponsoring a student to be equipped to be intensely effective in the Kingdom of God.

The MTC is one ministry of the Abiding Place Ministries. It is not a real estate or property asset but a ministry. The ranch facility used by the MTC is a private ownership that has a lifetime commitment to seeing this vision accomplished. The MTC/Abiding Place works in conjunction with the private ownership to provide the infrastructure necessary to train missionaries from third world countries in animal husbandry, aquaculture and horticulture. We are currently in the first phase of developing the infrastructure and training program.


In partnership with a large network of orphanages in Nepal, we will both promote the local orphanage and expand their opportunities. Our focus is on Asia and the Middle East Nations (AMEN). Although we have been working in different nations both in the Middle East and Asia, Nepal has been our primary focus since 2006. We are currently partnering with some of the finest orphanage models in the world. One of our partners is Sudip and Anne Lise Khadka. Sudip was raised in an orphanage in Nepal and now holds a Masters Degree in Political Science and is the founder of Compassion for Asia Like with Sudip and Anne Lise, these orphanages have been established and operated by men and women who are devoted to reaching their nation for the Lord Jesus. They have high standards  both spiritually and academically for the children in their orphanages. 

What we are empowered to do beyond monthly financial support is offer further advancement for the orphans. We have developed a Mission Training Center in Klamath County, Oregon which has the purpose of bringing a select number of orphans who are 18 years old and above to be trained in sustainable agriculture and aquaculture, which will include training in business and spiritual principles. Once these young men and woman are trained and given a certificate or degree, they will return to their orphanages and oversee the establishment of sustainable farming beginning at the orphanage they were raised at.

Although it is our goal to eventually establish a training center in Nepal, it cannot replace the one we have here in the United States. The level of academic and practical training from experts in these fields would not be available in Nepal. However, with a local training center in Nepal we would be able to provide supplemental training, as well as a national base to expand the opportunities for orphans throughout Asia and the Middle East.

Sincerely yours,

Pastor Mark Spitsbergen